eluted asked: "Your ass is perfection. You are perfection."

Uhm thank you I dont know why tha started to get notes out of nowhere and I didnt mean anything by it but thanks :)

zookainkweaver97 asked: "Damn bby u hella cute ✌️"

Thank you :)

Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)Another Earth (2011)

french asked: "lol sorry i just noticed you answered me but i'm great. are you excited about moving?"

Yeah, the house Im moving into is bigger and theyre letting me stay at my old high school for my last year even though Im out of the district. 

french asked: "hi. how are you? :)"

Im super excited that someone is messaging me and also Im moving tomorrow during that town’s little weekend festival so thats cool how are you?


Fruity Fanny Packs

*watches anaconda video for workout tips*

Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack
Sailor Marina, Sailor Azealia, Sailor Lana

this screenshot is lovingly titled “bitchwhaddupwithmyplate.jpg”
alex guarnaschelli is a force of pure evil and just about every episode of Chopped she delivers the evil eye plated up to fuck someone up
like if you could fillet someone with a look you’d have chef fugu lying on the ground in front of her sometimes
i love chopped but tHESE JUDGES


Gelatin can’t take the heat. I would say the situation is grim.

—Alex Guarnaschelli